Hi, I’m Jess Barnard and I’m standing to be your representative on Labour’s National Executive Committee.

Boris Johnson is resigning. This must be the rallying call to all of us, to renew our campaigning with one aim in sight – a change of government and the coming to power of a force that will put people first.

This period is a test for our Party and our movement, and future generations will judge us on whether we meet the challenges we face at this time of deep and multiple crises.

In 2020, young members elected me as chair of Young Labour. It was an honour and I was determined to use the position to fight for young people and the crises we face – from spiralling rents to low wages and huge debts. 

But together with our committee, I also hoped that Young Labour could give a voice to an emerging generation, one that through their experience, was turning to socialist politics for the first time in decades and wanted to see transformative change at home and abroad.

I was elected at a difficult moment, not just for the left, but my generation as a whole, and these challenges have become deeper in the period since.

The left may be down but we’re not out and many of us remain committed to the struggle for social justice and continued organising within the Labour Party, a place that offered us such hope in the years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

In the coming days I’ll be setting out why I think I’m best placed to represent our membership on the NEC, and I can’t wait to share this with you.

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