I’m running for NEC!

Hi, I’m Jess Barnard, Chair of Young Labour and I’m standing to be one of your representatives on Labour’s NEC. 

Today, millions of people are looking for an alternative. We know that we can build a better society, one that is determined to deliver for everyone. The task falls to us to provide the political will and direction to show that this is possible.



We need a Labour Party that is primed to not only take the fight to the Tories, but that stands ready to deliver the change people are desperate to see, and joins the people in their struggles — from workers striking for proper pay to young people and the marginalised. 

Our party won’t achieve this by focusing on fighting its own members, or by turning away from community organising. If we’re to deliver a Labour Government that will change lives then we need to empower our membership and embrace a popular transformative policy platform – that’s exactly what I will fight for.

We urgently need strong socialist voices on our NEC to hold our leaders true to these aims and deliver this vision, that’s why I’m standing to be your representative.

As your representative on the NEC I promise:

To campaign to deliver a transformative Labour government. The scale of the cost of living and climate crisis and Tory corruption highlight just how urgently we need bold action from a Labour government. I promise to champion the popular socialist policies like the green new deal, public ownership of energy, rail and water, a £15 minimum wage, council house building to tackle the housing crisis, scrapping tuition fees and so many more to deliver that change.

To  always stand up for membership and organise against attempts to shut us out from party processes. From our right to elect our representatives in local or national governments, to passing policy at party conference or in our CLPs. Our members are the beating heart of the party, we need to encourage and empower our movement.

To fight for trade union solidarity and make sure that labour never shies away from standing shoulder to shoulder with workers taking industrial action. As workers across every sector are striking for fair wages and job security it is our job not only to join them on the picket lines, but to amplify their struggle and deliver wins for workers.


Show your support!

The change we need to see in the Labour Party won’t happen without you. Your support is key in making sure we have a party that is election ready and focused on delivering a real alternative for so many people who are currently being let down by the status quo.

So let’s do this together – click the button below and let everyone know you’re backing Jess for Labour’s NEC.